Quick Bit: Birds of a Feather

Wishing everyone a peaceful night / morning / afternoon / evening filled with joy and shared with some excellent friends. 

Brookfield Zoo – Brookfield, IL USA

I’ll be working on getting back on track with the blog and have an upcoming trip to Buenos Aires in a couple weeks to hopefully inspire me!


Stepping Stones – Kirkjugólf in Iceland

I’ve never been somewhere where literally every few hundred feet is a point of interest, a little roadside attraction, an inspiration – only Iceland could bring you that.

When we went to Iceland earlier this year we spent several nights in Klauster (AKA Kirkjubæjarklaustur).  Right down the street was Kirkjugólf so we took all of a three minute drive one afternoon and checked it out.

Also known as The Church Floor, these are actually the remnants of worn down basalt columns.  Just another example of the awesome things you can find when you take a moment to stop and enjoy what is around you.

And then, if you’re in Iceland, you can drive 2 minutes and stop at a random waterfall. 😉

Quick Bit: Cuba Count Down

Did I mention that I’m going to Cuba this fall?  Yep!  It’s only for 24 hours to Havana as part of a Norwegian cruise, but I cannot wait.  To see and experience this time capsule… it will be a once in a lifetime experience.

My Visa paperwork just arrived.  More on that and my trip planning in future posts. Just imagine the photos I’ll have to share after this trip! ❤

Tips & Tricks: Photography Equipment

my photography equipment - acheckedbag.wordpress.com

A different kind of post this week.  Not long ago a reader asked my husband if I actually took all of the photographs on my blog.  Yep!  I do.  Unless otherwise noted, everything you see is through my lens.  For me, photography and travel go hand and hand.  I could not imagine not documenting all of my experiences.  This week I wanted to share with you all the various tools that make the magic happen.  What’s in your kit?

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Short Bit: London Mothers

Sorry for the recent absence – I’ve been sick. Summer cold are the worst!  Hoping to be back on track next week.

A few years back I took my mom and MIL to Europe. The photo above was taken during a photography tour of London that we did.  My mom gave me the joy of photography.  Happy I’ve gotten to share my joy of travel with her just a little bit.

Our tour was with Hairy Goat Photography Tours.  What I loved is that they made the tour awesome for camera junkies like my mom and for point and shoot gals like my MIL.  If you are in London, want to go outside the tourist box, and have thought about a photography tour – these are your guys.

Quick Bit: Reunions

That time when you go to Nikko, Japan and take a picture with Hello Kitty (lower left)  and then go back almost two years later and see her again.  😉

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would go to Japan 5 times in my life, let alone live there three months.

I think I need to be dreaming bigger, don’t you?

うさぎ島 – Rabbit Island: Video Post

Rabbit Island Japan - acheckedbag.wordpress.com

When I was living in Japan my husband and I made the easy trek over to Ōkunoshima – also known as Rabbit Island.  It is a magical little island filled with free range rabbits.  After that I did a blog post about how to get there (so easy), the history (pretty crazy), and some of what you will see (RABBITS!!).  Take a look at it here.  I did then realize that I had never shared any of the videos, and really….who doesn’t love video of a bunch of bunnies hopping around.  If this doesn’t push Ōkunoshima to the top of your must visit list, I’m not sure what will.

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Diamond Beach: Visit Iceland’s Hidden Jewel

Visit Diamond Beach Iceland - acheckedbag.wordpress.com

Last week I promised that I would share the most beautiful beach with you all…and oddly enough, it just so happens to be in Iceland.  No, I haven’t lost it (or at least not because of the Iceland beach comment at least).  In February of this year my husband and I were in Iceland and made the journey over to Jökulsárlón (read about that little gem here).  There was what frankly looked like an RV parking lot across the street, but we decided to pop over and get a closer look at the ocean.  Oh man was that the correct choice.  Welcome to Diamond Beach – hidden jewel of south-eastern Iceland.

Diamond Beach Iceland Ice - acheckedbag.wordpress.com

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