Japan’s Weather: AKA my weight loss plan


Well, I survived my first day and it taught me alot.

For example, the weather here is my new weight loss plan.  Here it is the end of September and it was sunny, 80°F, and 88% humidity.  That last bit is the killer.  I was a sweaty mess before I even entered the office.  It had to have been a truly excellent first impression. Midday there was a nice breeze, but more than that there was just sweat.  So right there I figure certainly some water weight gone, right?  Add to that it creating a total lack of appetite  and those American sized hips are bound to melt away.

My goal was to make it home to my new best friend – the Mitsubishi AC remote – and take a cold shower.  I hardly even noticed the kitchen light in the shower this time.  It will be more of the same at least for the next few weeks.  For the sake of myself and everyone that has to smell me, here’s to the arrival of fall.


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