The BeatWash Slim Adventure


It sounds like a bad rap song, but no, it is my all in one washer and dryer here in Japan.  Even with various buttons labeled by the staff here, I’ll be honest… I was horrified to do my first load.  I even texted one of my Japanese friends to make sure the detergent wasn’t going to bleach all of my clothes.

I’ll let you know in about 146 minutes when the dry cycle is finished – yes, you read correctly.

While the all in one design certainly saves space, and is decently more quiet than traditional washers and dryers, it is not a speed machine.  That 321 in the picture above is how long the entire wash / dry process will take for one load of laundry.  There are two doors on my model, so open up the hatches, pour clothing in, add a dash of deterent, close it up, and program away!  Then go knit a blanket, cook dinner for 50 people, learn how to speak Japanese…. you have some time to kill.  It certainly makes me appreciate why so many Japanese hang their clothes out to dry.  Unfortunately that is not allowed where I am staying.  Ironically that was one of the experiences Iwas really looking forward to.

Here’s to the BeatWash Slim – not flooding the apartment, conquoring my first load of laundry here, and maybe, just maybe, ending up with some clean clothes.  If suddenly I only have about 5 shirts to wear than you’ll know it didn’t go very well…


3 thoughts on “The BeatWash Slim Adventure

  1. The Wadas says:

    Wow, that’s really a looooong time for one batch of a laundry. Maybe you can try to set time for drying to 30- 60 minutes, depends on the load, instead of setting to automatic (default). You can do that by pressing the “dry” button (the one on the left side) few times until it highlights the time you want before pressing the start button.


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