If Las Vegas, Vaudville, and Robots Had a Baby


…it might look something like this.

On Monday night some friends from work and I went to the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku.  You can read about this place, look at pictures, and watch videos, but believe me when I say that nothing can prepare you for this experience.  It is unlike anything else and absolutely ridiculous in the best possible way.


Some of it is cliche, the snacks aren’t that great, and the transitions between acts leave you feeling as though you were tossed off a cliff… but literally every person in the room had a smile on their face bigger than a five year old on Christmas morning.  It was magical.  And, frankly, the performers actually had some legitimate talent; the drummers in particular were properly awesome to watch.



Oh, and Normal Reedus has been there, so yeah.... 😉

Only in Japan my friends, only in Japan.


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