Miyajima – Because Rabbits Aren’t the Only Cute Things Around Here


The day before heading to rabbit island we took a short ferry ride to Miyajima island.  Labeled as the place where God lives, it is a beautiful island with sweeping views of the sea, wild deer (messangers of the Gods), and possibly the most famous torii gate around.


I loved seeing the deer walk down the boardwalk, across the beach, and right down into the sea.  Back home I am used to seeing deer in the woods, so it was almost like they had all come to Miyajima on a beach holiday – and they were having a grand time.


Most of my pictures from Miyajima are on my DSLR, so you’ll have to wait to see anything really proper.  However, it was a lovely place to stroll around for the day.  You can hike up the mountain which takes a couple of hours.  There is also a ropeway you can ride which takes about an hour each way.  Unfortunately we didn’t really have time to do either.  I suppose that just means I’ll have to go back one day, right?

There were shops all over to wander through.  The island is famous for maple leaf shaped sweet cakes.  At the Sanrio store I happened to find a Hello Kitty version, so of course that is what I brought home with me.  There is also an absolutely massive rice scoop (25+ feet long) which my husband made me stand by for pictures… I’ll have to get those from him.  Even the Hello Kitty outside the Sanrio store supported the rice scoop craziness.



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