Let’s All Go To The Lobby – Movies in Tokyo

On Wednesday I went to my first movie in a foreign country.  I’m spoiled for life, I think.

My friend and I went to see the final Hunger Games film.  The books are an amazing read and I’ve actually been decently pleased with the films as well thus far.

Movies in the US are generally pretty expensive.  It is an easy $50 US date night for me and my husband in Chicagoland.  Since it was Wednesday, it was Ladies Day and so my ticket was only 1100¥ (less than $9 US).

There is a great assortment of food including alcohol, and all at a price that can’t be beat.  My popcorn and soda combo was like 630¥ which equates to about $5 US.  AND….you get your own little table that fits in the seat cup holder!  I was in love.


Since this was the fourth movie in the series they played a little summary recap before the movie started.  How awesome is that??

You purchase your tickets and reserve your seats online in advance, so we had the perfect seats.

Such a great way to spend the evening after work.  Mental note that I should have done this a long time ago!


Johnsonville hotdog!


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