Find the Bright Side

Well, I am back.  Life has been stressful?  Lazy?  Generally lackluster?  Really I have no good  excuse for letting this blog sit for three months aside from perhaps underestimating how hard of a shift it would be returning back home after spending 3 months in Japan.

Imagine that, me underestimating something… ::wink::


Ruins from poison gas manufacturing on Ōkunoshima Island, Japan.

I had grand plans of returning home and starting up new hobbies, picking up old ones, spending my evenings in exceptionally productive fashion.  Maybe I’m still working on plans for all of those things.  But hey – I’m writing this post, right?  I edited these photos!  Baby steps towards productivity and the sometimes elusive hunt to find the bright side.

This is going to be a busy year, so the only option is onward and upward.  One certainly doesn’t want to miss out on something magical happening around them because they are moping around!  Life is far too short for that my friends.  Appreciate the past, live in the moment, and look forward to the future.


Ōkunoshima Island, Japan.


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