Santorini Sunsets Part 1

Everyone says you need to go to Oia to see the sunset in Santorini.  Well, I did that last night and here are my two cents…

1.  Go wickedly early.  Right now (mid-June) the sun is setting at about 8:40.  People were wedging themselves into every nook and cranny at about 6:30.  Which brings us to…

2.  Where to watch.  Several people told us to go to the old fort.  I can definitely see why:


About 3x the people were gathered by 7:45

We made reservations in advance (a requirement) at Kastro.  The above picture was from our table.  The service was solid, the fresh juices awesome – but you definitely come here to have a nice seat for the sunset.  Personally we had far tastier food elsewhere.  The staff do an excellent job though of making sure tourists and passersby keep clear of your view.  Oh…and some cats will keep you company while you eat.


When it is time to leave just be prepared for the mass exodus.  It ruins the magic of the sunset a bit, so just be prepared.  At the bus stop there were a couple buses waiting.  They were packed to standing room only and our bus did not shout out stops or wait very long at each stop so again, be prepared!  The last bus leaves at 10:30pm.

You’ll note that I didn’t actually say anything about the sunset itself.  That is because I actually found a far more amazing way to watch it the night before, but more on that in the next post.  😉


Iconic blue domes of Oia, Santorini


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