Eating Barcelona

At the start of September I was in Barcelona for a week for work.  Well,  4 days of work and 3 of play.   Given the short amount of free time and the freakishly hot temps (92°F on multiple days), this basically meant I sat around at age amazingly wonderful Spanish food.   As promised,  keep reading for some pictures and tidbits about my trip.

A friend had been to Bar Mut before and highly recommended it for dinner, so she and I ventured back.  Could not have been more pleased that she suggested it.  Sitting at the bar it was amazing to see what magic they could work in a kitchen that could not have been more than 5’x5′.  The fresh (or in the case of the lobster specialty – live) seafood was in a case on top of the bar.  We had scallops  (sweet heaven), mussels  (second only to those I had in Santorini), shrimp, and pork belly (tasty but the seafood was the star).  Overall Spanish desserts didn’t do much for me, but Bar Mut had a really delightful French toast that was the perfect end to the meal.  They also brought us limoncello shots on the house with the bill which didn’t hurt anything either.

The tempting wonders of Bar Mut

We also had a relaxing lunch at Mil Grito’s Taberna.  What I loved about this place was the laid back atmosphere and genuinely kind staff.  The jamon croquetas were also probably some of the best we had the entire trip.

If I had one tip?  Eat lots of Iberico ham.  Probably every meal should include it.  You’ll return home craving it and, at least if you are US-based, be saddened at how much it costs to have it back home.

Lovely little square that reminded me of Italy.


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