Visiting The Walking Dead – Senoia, Georgia

Visiting The Walking Dead in Senoia -

I will admit it – my husband and I are huge fans of The Walking Dead.  Aren’t you??  Last October we made the trek down to Atlanta for Walker Stalker Con (more on that awesomeness in another post), but before the convention we spent a couple of days in Senoia (pronounced Seh-noy) to check out where so much of The Walking Dead is filmed.  If you haven’t watched the show at all, note that there are some spoilers for old seasons potentially as I outline some of the locations we visited – you have been warned!

TWD Dead Inside -

The original doors from episode 1 of The Walking Dead

Check out our unique experience taking The Touring Dead tour with The Georgia Mercantile Company.

I’ve not been compensated in any way by any of the vendors.  These opinions are all my own – just looking to share a really great way to take your enjoyment of TWD to a whole new level!

There are no hotels in Senoia itself, but we found a great gem in Peachtree City which put us about a 15 minute drive away.  For us, Crowne Plaza Atlanta SW – Peachtree City was the perfect home base for exploring the area.  An easy ~40 minute drive south from Atlanta, Senoia is a quaint southern town.  As we drove down main street I looked at my husband and wait, “welcome to Woodbury”.  Sure enough – it was as if we had dropped right into an episode of TWD….minus the walkers of course.

TWD Alexandria Main Street -

The Walking Dead store and cafe

The downtown of Senoia is going to be better known to fans as Woodbury, and home of the Governor.

We took a two hour tour with The Georgia Mercantile Company.  Note they have a store front on the main street which is not where the tour departs from.  Instead you need to head to the end of the street, follow the curve of the street to the left around the gazebo and you will see the touring company building on your right, just over the train tracks.

The tours are led by local TWD look alikes and they pack some serious knowledge of the area and the show.  This is a walking tour, but we did not find it to be strenuous.  Grab a bottle of water, some good walking shoes, and be like a kid on Christmas morning as you get a look into how TWD works.

TWD Pudding House -

Aww!  The “Pudding House” where Carl ate his jumbo can of chocolate pudding on the roof.

It was amazing to learn how little shifts in camera angles or a perfectly placed truck could turn this little town into TWD world.  As the guide pointed out various locations, assisted by pictures from the show itself, you really could visualize the episodes in your head.  From where Milton and Andrea had there last moments together, to where Rick first snuck into Woodbury with his crew to get Glenn and Maggie back, to our beloved Alexandria (also filmed in Senoia), it was just plain cool to see.  We also learned how above and beyond the filming company / producers / etc go to make sure that they aren’t making a negative impact on the citizens of Senoia – making renovated back entrances to all of the main street businesses since no one could go in and out of the front during filming of Woodbury scenes as an example.

TWD Governor's House -

The Governor’s house in “Woodbury”

TWD Andrea's Demise -

Several things were filmed in this building – including when Andrea opted out

Because filming is happening in Alexandria you cannot actually enter the walls of the “city”.  However, you get to walk right by them and can see the tops of familiar buildings like Rick’s house or the house that Deanna lived in.

TWD Alexandria - acheckedbag.wordpress.comTWD Alexandria House -

The only time that you will see the infamous Alexandria sign posted on the main gate wall is when filming is going on.

TWD Alexandria Main Gate -

Bring the vengeance Rick!

Depending on when you take the tour you never know what or who you will see.  We didn’t see any  of the actors while on the tour, but the day before we had a vacation highlight:  lunch at Nic & Norman’s – the restaurant creation of Norman Reedus and Greg Nicotero.  First off, great relaxed vibe including some of Norman’s photography up on the walls.  Second off, friendly service that only the south can give you.  Third, the food…oh the food!  Beyond good.  We were really happy to see that this wasn’t just some gimmicky restaurant with a famous name on it, but a place where you can get a solid meal.  The icing on the cake?  Oh, the fact that Greg, Norman and Michael Rooker (Merle) were all there having lunch as well and hanging out.  Yep.  Possibly the best lunch of my life.

If you are in Atlanta and love The Walking Dead, branch out beyond Atlanta and visit the absolutely lovely town of Senoia.  You’ll never be able to watch TWD the same way again.

Nic & Norman's -

Living it up at Nic & Norman’s…where Nic & Norman were


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