Lions and Tigers and…Elk?

Elk Preserve -

Well hello there!

As I am sure most of you have gathered, virtually 100% of my travel adventures are far from home.  However, the past 6 months have been an almost non-stop travel craze.  Since September 2015 I’ve been to Japan twice, Chile, Spain twice, Germany, Iceland, Pennsylvania, Atlanta, North Carolina…. it is pretty much a miracle that I can remember my own name at this point.

I am genuinely happy to be home for more than a 4 day stretch.  All of the travel makes me appreciate that sometimes there are amazing things right around the corner.  Right near our house are a series of forest preserves.  One of these, right off a busy street, features of all things, an elk preserve.

These guys have actually lived on the 17 acre preserve since 1925 when they were brought by train from Yellowstone National Park to Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA.  When you walk through the tree covered trails and catch a glimpse of one of these majestic creatures, all of the hustle and bustle of the city just drops away.

Explore what’s right around you.  You might just find a new treasure.

Elk Eating -



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