Who Am I?

A picture of me


My name is Abby and some would say I am only happy if I have another vacation on the horizon.

They wouldn’t be entirely wrong if I’m being honest.

I started this blog originally as a means to share my experience living in Tokyo, Japan with friends and family back home.  That was a short-lived experience, but this blog is not.  My goal is to share images, tips, and stories from my travels around the world.

Me as a baby

Still have those cheeks…

When I graduated from high school my mother gave me probably the best gift I’ve ever received:  a manual film camera.  It opened not only a way for her and I to connect, but began a love of photography that I have to this day…many, many days later.

Growing up we didn’t especially have the means to travel.  Each summer my dad would drive me out to Pennsylvania to visit my grandparents.  I went to Colorado in an RV once.  My mom took me to Florida to visit friends one time as well.  Honestly, it wasn’t until I was 27 and took my first international trip through work that the travel bug hit me.  The flood gates have been opened and I can’t get enough.  I’ve been blessed with A) a husband willing to join me on my adventures B) work that takes me literally all over the globe from time to time and C) the means to toss in a few family holidays as well.

Awhile back I wrote a post here about why travel and seeing the world is so important to me.

Whether it is halfway around the world, or a short flight from home, or even right around the corner, the world is filled with amazing things.  There is so much negativity and sadness that we sometimes forget the beauty and joy that exists all around us just waiting for us to wake up and notice it.

Me and my husband meeting Tom Payne at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2016

Me and my husband meeting “Jesus” in Atlanta at Walker Stalker Con 2016

I hope you enjoy reading my adventures, and get something out of them whether it is a smile or a useful tip for your next trip.  My goal for 2017 is to post weekly every Wednesday evening (US time).  But, with trips already on the books, you might just get a little more than that!  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, tips, or thoughts you would like to share in return.


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