Diamond Beach: Visit Iceland’s Hidden Jewel

Visit Diamond Beach Iceland - acheckedbag.wordpress.com

Last week I promised that I would share the most beautiful beach with you all…and oddly enough, it just so happens to be in Iceland.  No, I haven’t lost it (or at least not because of the Iceland beach comment at least).  In February of this year my husband and I were in Iceland and made the journey over to Jökulsárlón (read about that little gem here).  There was what frankly looked like an RV parking lot across the street, but we decided to pop over and get a closer look at the ocean.  Oh man was that the correct choice.  Welcome to Diamond Beach – hidden jewel of south-eastern Iceland.

Diamond Beach Iceland Ice - acheckedbag.wordpress.com

Chunks of ice break off from the local iceberg, float through the glacier lagoon, and then out to the ocean.  Those high-powered waves toss some of these pieces back up onto the black sand beach like diamonds.  In various shades of blues, some crystal clear, and every shape and size imaginable, it is quite the sight to see.

Me on Diamond Beach Iceland - acheckedbag.wordpress.com

Gotta have some proof I was actually there, right?

Ironically there was virtually no one on the beach when we were there, and the beach is massive – lots of room to run around.  Definitely do watch out for the waves though and do not go too close to the water – your holiday will rapidly stop being fun as these are some strong waves and currents.  You can drive pretty much right up to the ice, but it is a rough drive.  Just park up when you first turn in, make the short walk on foot, and enjoy watching it all unfold in front of you.

True for so many places you visit, but most definitely when it comes to Iceland, take the road less traveled; turn left instead of right; stop off at that “point of interest” on the map – you will be rewarded with a fun adventure and amazing memories every time.

Matt Diamond Beach Iceland - acheckedbag.wordpress.com

Just the hubby and a GIANT chunk of ice  😉



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